Leading European Machine Vision Systems House STEMMER IMAGING AG announces the rebranding of its subsidiaries INFAIMON in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and Portugal as of February 1st, 2024. This strengthens STEMMER IMAGING’s global presence, emphasizing a shared identity dedicated to delivering quality products and high-engineering services.

Post-rebranding, customers maintain their familiar contacts while gaining access to an expanded product portfolio. The Technical Competence Center (TCC) is set to become more robust, consolidating the engineering expertise of both entities. STEMMER IMAGING aims to solidify its position in machine vision solutions, enriched by the INFAIMON team’s expertise.

Susana Cano, Director INFAIMON: “We are happy being part of the STEMMER IMAGING group and look forward to further collaboration with our colleagues, customers, and partners,”

Juanjo Manas, Director INFAIMON: “The rebranding is a crucial step in our strategy to expand our presence and offerings in Western Europe and Latin America.”

Arne Dehn, CEO of STEMMER IMAGING: “We are proud to bring the cooperation between STEMMER IMAGING and INFAIMON to the next level. By operating under a common brand, we are confident to expand our joint position as the systems house of machine vision solutions in Europe and beyond.”

Further Information will be published on our Homepage www.stemmer-imaging.com.