SCHUNK and READY Robotics have announced a partnership to develop an Automation Explorer simulation tool using NVIDIA’s Omniverse Platform. The companies say that the new tool will take the term “virtual twin” to the next level.

The Automation Explorer simulation tool will allow users to virtually experience and interact with SCHUNK automation technology in a highly immersive and detailed physics-based simulation tool. The tool brings together photo-realistic imaging of manufacturing environments, advanced robot control software, and world-class automation technology. The simulations in the tool are driven by physics-based technical product data from automation technology, like grippers.

Automation Explorer allows users to virtually commission real-world automation projects. Simulating these automation projects with physics-based calculations gives users accurate visualization and optimization before a robot ever reaches the production floor.

“Automation Explorer will bring confidence to both new and experienced users of automation that their process is being optimized to its full potential. Whether investigating automation possibilities for the first time, or re-deploying automation equipment for a new task, Automation Explorer brings major opportunity for understanding automation process potential while also digitalizing and simplifying deployment tasks,” Milton Guerry, President of SCHUNK USA, said.

SCHUNK and READY Robotics are using NVIDIA’s Isaac Sim, which is built on NVIDIA’s Omniverse platform, in the project. Isaac SIM is a simulation platform used to develop, test, and deploy AI-based robotics applications. The platform’s robust physics engine enables detailed, realistic simulations that closely emulate real-world conditions.

The companies are also using Ready Robotics’ Forge OS platform, which is an industrial operating system for robots and automation. Altogether,  Automation Explorer combines NVIDIA Isaac Sim, Forge OS, and SCHUNK’s automation technologies.

“By connecting ForgeOS and NVIDIA Isaac Sim, customers will be able to control any robotic hardware and SCHUNK peripherals in simulation and the real world, in exactly the same way,” Kel Guerin, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, at READY Robotics, said.

Article published by The Robot Report: