The first European Online Robotics Competition for students between 12 and 16 years old was held within the framework of the European Robotics Week between November 21 and 25 with the participation of 21 teams and 55 students from 5 different countries who completed a total of more than 450 hours of exciting competition, as expressed by participants and coaches in the closing session of the event held virtually on the 26th. This final event was attended by several of the participating teams that minutes before knowing the definitive results they shared experiences and opinions about the competition.

The platform selected for this occasion has been CoderZ in the League in a Box modality with the ERW2022 Challenge. During the days of the competition, the teams carried out missions with the aim of practicing programming the robots and getting the highest possible score as a group. Towards the end of the week, the teams have concentrated on solving 3 challenges that have required putting into action the knowledge acquired during the missions.

Fundació Flor Students

In the missions section, the team that got the most points was IT wizards from the Primary School Kiseljak center in Bosnia-Herzegovina under the direction of Valentina Vidović. While the absolute winner of the competition has been the Zafrabot 2022 team from IES La Zafra (Spain) led by Juan Manuel Ortiz with a total of 20203 points, followed by IT wizard with 18415 points and in third place the Frog’s world team of School 28 from Kazakhstan with 17005 points.

The 5 best classified teams in the final phase have received a certificate accrediting the place occupied and the rest of the teams a certificate of participation in the competition.

Once the competition is over, all the teams will enjoy a CoderZ platform license with the programming and robotics course New Adventures with SPIKE Prime valid until June 30, 2023 so that they can continue practicing and learning to program robots.

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