Opening date: 19 May 2021
Deadline date: 22 September 2021 17:00:00 Brussels time

EU-funded early-stage Research on novel Medical Technologies and Devices is uncovering unique opportunities to benefits patients and support clinicians.

Medical Technology and Devices businesses are facing long and capital-intensive product development cycles, complex regulatory procedures, slow market uptake requiring the support of key opinion leaders and intensive follow-up with early adopters. In addition to a mature technology, a well thought-out and realistic exploitation path with emphasis on achieving market traction as proof of both clinical and market potential of the idea is needed.

Proposal submitted to this transition challenge call should aim to:

  • Perform the necessary R&D to advance from an existing proof-of-principle technology to a mature version to initiate clinical evaluation.
  • Develop an exploitation strategy, qualitatively and quantitatively outlining the proposed path to patient and describing an investable proposition.

Proposal submitted to this call can target any technology addressing important health needs in the direct clinical treatment and care of patients.

The EIC considers proposals with a requested EU contribution of up to a EUR 2.5 million and a duration of up to 3 years as appropriate.

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