Fecha cierre de la convocatoria: 20 April 2022 17:00:00 Brussels time
The aim of this destination is the development of ground-breaking RI technologies, including scientific instruments, tools, methods, and advanced digital solutions, to enable new discoveries and keep Europe s RIs at the highest level of excellence in science, while paving the way to innovative solutions to societal challenges and new industrial applications, products and services. New instruments and tools (such as advanced sensors, imaging devices, light source detectors, high-tech developments for accelerators, robots/automated solutions) and advanced digital solutions (e.g. digital twins, data analytics and AI tools, etc.) for RI upgrade, will enable solutions to be found even for the most demanding scientific and societal challenges. Proposals for topics under this destination should set out a credible pathway to contributing to one or several of the following impacts: – Enhanced global competitiveness and technological excellence of Europe in an extremely fast-moving environment through investments into the development, of forward-looking technical instruments and tools for European RIs. – Enhanced competitiveness of European industry through co-development with industrial actors of advanced RI technologies and technology transfer; – Opening up of new areas of research and development of new industrial applications/products; – Development of skills of RI staff aligned with the advancements of the RI technologies; – Transdisciplinarity, cross-fertilisation and a wider sharing of knowledge and technologies between academia and industry; – Wider use of AI in research and enhanced data-based research across Europe.