Board of Management – Organisation

The structure of the platform is defined in the association’s bylaws.

2019 – 2021 Board of Management Members

Chair of the Board
Company: Tecnatom, S.A.
Representative: Mª Carmen Pérez Melguizo

Secretary of the Board
Company: ASTI Mobile Robotics
Representative: Alejandro Alonso Puig

Company: PAL Robotics S.L.
Representative: Francesco Ferro

Company: RobotPlus, S.L.
Representative: Víctor Pavón

Representative: Loreto Susperregi

Company: Robotnik Automation, SLL
Representative: Rafael López

Company: SCHUNK Intec SLU
Representative: Javier García

Representative: Micheline Antoine Selmes

Company: Robotics Solutions Advisor S.L.
Representative: Ignacio Secades Riestra

Company: UNED
Representative: Carlos Cerrada Somolinos

Coordinadores Grupos Temáticos

Theme Cluster: Marketing Robotic Products
Company: Adele Robots, S.L.
Representative: Celestino Álvarez

Theme Cluster: Defence and Security Robotics 
Company: Universidad de Málaga
Representative: Dr. Alfonso García Cerezo

Theme Cluster: Collaborative Robotics 
Company: Robotics Solutions Advisor S.L.
Representative: Ignacio Secades

Theme Cluster: Educational Robotics 
Company: PRODEL S.A.
Representative: Ricardo Muñoz Cabello

Theme Cluster: Air Robotics 
Company: DroneTools, S.L.
Representative: Nicolás Zapata

Theme Cluster: Marine Robotics 
Entidad: Advance Intelligent Developments, S.L. (GRUPO AID)
Representative: José de Lara

Theme Cluster: Medical and Welfare Robotics 
Company: Fundación CARTIF
Representative: Eduardo Zalama

Theme Cluster: Transport and Logistics Robotics 
Representative: Javier Huarte

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  • 07

    10:00 -12:00

    Human-Robot Collaboration is a key factor in the field of industrial robotics for the development of the factories of the future and advance towards the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

    In this last training session of the Sharework project we will introduce some basic concepts of the implementation of Human-Robot Collaborative systems and the advantages of its wide deployment into the industry. In addition, four use cases implemented in four companies in the transport, capital goods and metal sector will be presented, highlighting the potential of collaborative robotics in operators’ ergonomics and wellbeing, as well as the benefits from the production side.

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